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Talking with Children and Young People

We Put Children First: Talking with children and young people is a communication strategy with children and young people we support about our position on child safety, what unacceptable behaviour is, and how to raise concerns. It also aims to provide an opportunity for children and young people and workers to provide feedback about the safety of each child we support.

LWB, in partnership with the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian (OCG), will conduct a pilot of the implementation of the OCG SAFE Book Series with children aged 2 – 6 in out-of-home care in the Hunter/Central Coast region. This is the first known application of the SAFE program to an out-of-home care cohort.

 “The books support the rights of children and promote them having a voice. 

  • Help children identify the parts of their body that are private
  • Help them understand their feelings
  • Encourage them to think about five people who they trust to help them if they feel scared, sad or upset” (NSW Children’s Guardian)
Sam Andy fiona Eve

As part of this approach, LWB case workers will also be assessing two questions in relation to each child: one about their perception of the safety and wellbeing of each child, and one about the child’s self-report of their support network (this is related to the content of the SAFE Book – “Fiona and her five heroes”).

Following evaluation of the pilot, LWB anticipates implementing this approach for young children across all out of home care services.

Activity supporting the information needs of older children is also progressing in parallel with this pilot.